Grammar Hammer

                                                       Grammar Hammer

Grammatical errors – what annoys you most? What errors would you like to nail with the grammar hammer? I’d like to hear from you. Here are my favorites.

Who or That which is it?     Who refers to people (singular or plural).  That refers to objects, animals, or groups, such as a team or a committee.

Do not say/write: The man that fed the pigeons ate some of the seeds.

* * *

Fewer or Less    Fewer – countable items, used with plural nouns. 

(Fewer cars ..)

Less – degree or amount, used with singular nouns. (Less sugar . . .)

Do not write/say: The woman put less items in the shopping cart.

* * *

Professor Goldin gave his Rutgers English students the Goldin Rule: Do not begin a sentence with This.  No one knows what a This is.  I’m also taking the grammar hammer to sentences beginning with There is and There are!

There are five bedbugs asleep on the pillow.    Alternative: Five bedbugs fell asleep on the pillow.

There is a man juggling oranges in Union Square.  Alternative: A man juggling oranges . . . .)

* * *

Hammer these:    . . . . had went     Drive slow!     Where is he at?      Where did she go to?

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