Bus Ride to the City

Bus Ride to the City

 New Jersey Transport

    Bus 114, Union

Flexon Industries

Park and Ride to Manhattan

Barney’s Discount Furniture

To Interstate 78

Vesey Distributors

Primo’s Restaurant

     Seafood & Lobster

Lighting Fixtures

Electrical Supply — We Discount

September 17 Half Way to

    St. Patrick’s Day

Last Exit Before Toll

Positively no Admittance

   Except on Business

Newport Transportation Company

Golden West Service

Speed Limit  55

Exit 15E  Newark — Jersey City

    Clearance 14’0”

Exit 16E  Stop

     Pay Toll

Paterson Plank Road

    Detour Next Right

Eco  omy Lodge Special


All Trucks Use

    Right Lane

One Bedroom Condos

    For Sale  863-8690

Port Imperial Ferry

Alamo in Florida

Lincoln Tunnel

    South Tube Rehab

How Am I Driving?

Stop  Pay Toll

Unlawful to Change Lanes.

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