Done with Thanksgiving

Let me tell you why I am done with Thanksgiving. Meal planning, grocery shopping, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cleaning the house, and arranging flowers add up to a week of self-imposed oppression. Those long-gone Pilgrims and Wampanoags gave thanks for a harvest. I do not harvest anything, not even water. Duck and venison were cooked over an open fire and men actually participated. Times have changed, and duck is way too expensive.

Today I created the perfect Thanksgiving meal and did a modest amount of work. I roasted a half turkey breast, made bread stuffing the way my mother did, and Frenched some green beans. When our Champagne lunch on the patio ended, Richard and I drove to Catalina State Park. We walked the Canyon Loop trail and passed many hikers who also cherished a beautiful Thanksgiving afternoon. I am done with the sit down and stuff-your-gut-be-thankful-dinner. Let me celebrate every feast day by enjoying the great outdoors.

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