New England Clam Chowder

I designated myself  a clam chowder critic during last week’s trip to Boston and Provincetown.  Here’s what I discovered:  Clam chowder has many variations. Thick with white paste and a few clam sprinkles does not make for a pleasant first course.

Seaglass restaurant in Salisbury: thick, served well-heated, diced potatoes, and horribly thick. Legal Seafood: Okay but thick. Bubabla’s: Too thick, minced micro-clams. [Steamers were great!]. The winner: Cafe Heaven in Provincetown.

The best, best clam chowder to my liking was at a church yard sale on Block Island, 2010. The recipe was non-dairy. Only clams, diced potatoes, a little onion, herbs/spices, clam juice and water. The taste was divine.