A Snowball’s Chance: High School Dropouts Tell Their Stories

If all self-published book authors were to stand in a line, our numbers might extend from Los Angeles to New York City, or at least to Jersey City. A few days ago, I saw my book in print for the first time. Happiness is seeing a book that went from an idea to pages of text bound between two covers. I opted to work with AlphaGraphics, a locally-owned, full-service print shop. The arrangement met my every need as a newcomer to self-publishing. The development phase is complete and an another challege begins.

Who will read A Snowball’s Chance? The stories will interest high school students at risk of dropping out, parents, teachers, adult education instructors, guidance and drug counselors, school administrators,  probation and correction officers, judges, and anyone willing to guide a student toward a bright future.

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