Iceland – Wrap Up

. . . . a few more photos take off into the Universe. The purebred Icelandic horses and hundreds of sheep meant stop-and-go driving. “Pull over, please . . . .one more picture.” I love quirky, humorous signs and found a few. The trolls in front of a Reykjavik tourist shop reminded me to wear sunscreen. Until next time, Iceland, keep the winds blowing and the drinking water ice cold.

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Iceland – Scenic Beauty

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Icelandair offers independent self-drive tours. I followed a 7-day glaciers, geysers, and waterfalls itinerary that covered 800 miles. Being on the road meant few conversations with people who call Iceland home. A taxi driver said that people who receive retirement benefits will not see an increase in 2016. He also said that Harpa, Reykjavik’s concert hall, was a financial drain. Lacking conversations about politics and education, I focused my Nikon on Iceland’s physical beauty.

To Iceland with Love

Move over Peru, Iceland is my new favorite country. An organic island of rugged beauty, volcanic underpinnings, wind, fresh air, and pristine vistas that attract a million visitors each year. My trip in the shoulder season of September meant fewer tourists crowding into a country the size of Ohio. What is so special? For starters, the country has intelligence. Route 1, which circles the island, is free of pot holes, litter, strip malls, billboards, and fast food joints. Here’s a big hug for the wonderful people of Iceland and scenic wonders a mere five hours east of Boston. I’m posting b&w images first. These were taken in Vik, Geysir, and Borgarnes.

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