Egg Me On

Egg Me On

A soft-boiled egg reminds me of my childhood breakfast with a warm, half-peeled egg sitting in a oval cup. My grandmother would drop a sliver of butter on the yolk and add a few grains of salt. Buttered toast and a glass of milk – oh, I loved those Sunday breakfasts. In my busy life, I do not want to boil water, set a timer for four minutes, and burn my fingers trying to open a hot egg shell.

Here’s a simple microwave method for making a soft egg. Credit goes to a guy named Norm Nelson who lives in The Villages.

Step 1 – Lightly butter a small dessert-size bowl. Crack and drop the egg into the bowl.

Step 2 – Make a few holes in a piece of paper towel or waxed paper and cover the dish. Put into the microwave.

Step 3 – Since microwave power varies, timing is tricky. I use 1 minute and 15 seconds on Level 3.

Step 4 – Start the toast, English muffin, or slice of cibatta. I cut the cibatta into three slices and use a toasted middle for my egg.

Step 5 – When done, remove the paper. Slide the egg on to the buttered toast, sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. If you want a “real” soft-boiled egg, keep the egg in the bowl – break the yolk and chop the white. Dip pieces of toast into your totally delicious Sunday breakfast.