Pirohi – Shortcut in Wonton Wrappers

Peroghi                         Pierogie                               Perohi  

Pirohi is a comfort food familiar to Eastern Europeans. No matter the spelling, those scrumptious puffs filled with potato, sauerkraut, prune, farmer’s cheese, or other combinations were devoured with pleasure. Pirohi stir nostalgia for home cooking and bring back memories of childhood.

My mother and grandmothers spent hours making pirohi’s from scratch. My sister’s shortcut trims the time but not the flavor. Chris made potato pirohi that passed my taste test. Her shortcut?  She used wonton wrappers instead of the traditional flour dough! Here is her easy recipe:

Filling – boil Yukon gold potatoes. Mash with butter, diced scallions, and a few turns of peppercorns. (I’ll add grated sharp cheddar cheese to my filling.)

Prep – Place a small amount of potato mixture in the center of a wrapper.  Wet the wrapper edges with water and  seal tightly. Bring a pot of water to a gentle boil.  Add a few drops of oil. Drop in a few pirohi at a time. Don’t overcrowd. Stir occasionally, making sure none stick to the bottom. When a pirohi floats to the top, it is done.

The little darlings can be frozen on a cookie sheet and stored in freezer bags for a few months. Who could ever keep pirohi in a freezer for a few months? (I finished them in two weeks.)

Final touches  Saute thawed pirohi with oil and a little butter. Dice onion and add as the pirohi brown and crisp. To serve top with sour cream. Apple sauce is also a favorite.

* * *