Haircut – $15

Haircut $15 — The Aveda Institute’s sign knew how to catch my attention. What could happen at a school that prepares the next generation of stylists? I decided to put my hair on the line for a student’s training. I love a bargain, and if anything went wrong, my hair would continue to grow. In the next cycle of haircut and color, I would be back with Lynn laughing at my impulsive streak, which is definitely blonde.

Time became an issue that Saturday morning. Katie carefully snipped at my hair for an hour and a half. As she sniped a dozen strands between the scissor blades, I feared the worst – a parking ticket. Elizabeth, the teacher-educator, guided the cut with instructions. I learned my hair has sections and cuts have to be made at an angle – back, sides, and crown. Katie had three weeks “on the floor” cutting real hair. She said, “More experienced students cut faster.”  I apologized for adding pressure. She followed her passion and came all the way from Jacksonville to enroll in the Aveda program.

Katie did a great job!  As the minutes clicked by, I worried about that parking ticket. I fed the meter on 2nd Street all my quarters. Every time Katie called her teacher-educator, I cringed. How much closer might the meter reader be to my green Honda?

Here’s the back story: A friend with a good haircut recommended her person. Tina rents a station in a frenetic, purple salon where stylists wear black. Retail in front with necklaces, scarves, bracelets, clothing, hair products, and other impluse items. My Steinmart claustrohobia transferred itself and made breathing difficult – too much merchandise crowded into a small space. The salon area expanded into stations. Excellent!  The downside had the audio up on stories about kids, vacations, and jobs.

Tina’s haircut: $65, plus tip. Sixty-five big green one dollar bills or 65+  flight points on MasterCard for a 45- minute shampoo, cut, and small talk. For short hair that seemed like a lot of money.

“How often should I have my hair cut?”

“Once a month.”

Gulp! That comes to about $800 a year. Add beaucoup bucks for color and highlights.

At the end of the Aveda experience, I did not have a parking ticket. I did have a smart cut. My inner teacher knows Katie will be successful. Someday she will be ranked a senior stylist and get $65 for a haircut but not from me. You go, girl!!

I have an appointment with Lynn on February 3rd. For those in-between cuts, I’ll give an Aveda student time to practice on my hair with pleasure.