Two Weeks in France – Photos taken in Montmartre

Two weeks between Paris, Dijon, Rouen, Bayeux, and the Normandy coast. I begin with images from my most favorite part of Paris – Montmartre. The “I Love You” wall at Place de Abbesses has 612 enameled tiles written in 250 languages. A smudge next to Rita Hayworth – the image of Ava Gardner has been removed.

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One thought on “Two Weeks in France – Photos taken in Montmartre

  1. acfonte July 3, 2015 / 10:13 pm

    I don’t  have the software to see your slides.  When they reopen after a 3 week vaca, I recommend The Coronet  on 4th Ave. We ate there  after seeing “A little Chaos”– que etait tres bien. The restaurant also is a bit of Paris.

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