Two Weeks in France – Fledging Photos

A mourning dove fledged this afternoon. Mother flew off in the morning – perhaps to Paris? Enough is enough she said, and that’s how I feel about my trip to France. Time to move on. These last images are a mix of scenes and tell their own stories. Visit France via a great website –

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Four Teens Man Reading at Bar Man Reading Dijon Sleeping on the Street

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WWII Monument Paris WWII Monument.2 Poem Paths to Freedom

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Pere Lachaise.Overview Pere Lachaise.1

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BW AZ Wildcat A Love You Poster Poppies.2

I’ll Have What Paris Has, Mostly

Here’s what I love about Paris – open-air markets, incredible fruit, vegetables, seafood, prepared food, and cheese. I love food, so the city if perfect for me. Paris has an efficient, expansive metro and rail system, but you must pay a Euro to use the WC. And, get used to having some guy standing next to you at the wash sink. Guide books extol the wonders of the city – a truly great city.

Here’s what I like about France – strict gun control laws, centralized education, paved roads and highways maintained by drivers’ tolls. Bucolic small towns and villages. Stone walls and wildflowers. Normandy, history, museums, and much more.

What don’t I like? Cobblestones. Dog litter. Cigarette butts. A woman next to us at an outdoor cafe smoked four cigarettes while she ate dinner. If second-hand smoke is annoying, take a table inside the restaurant.



Two Weeks in France – Photos taken in Montmartre

Two weeks between Paris, Dijon, Rouen, Bayeux, and the Normandy coast. I begin with images from my most favorite part of Paris – Montmartre. The “I Love You” wall at Place de Abbesses has 612 enameled tiles written in 250 languages. A smudge next to Rita Hayworth – the image of Ava Gardner has been removed.

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